Wavestorm Sunburst

This is one of the top surfboards beginners can buy around. It is simple to use, very durable, and quite cheap. This board has many unique features like an HDPE bottom, pad, and an appropriate foot placement. It has accessories like a surf leash, excellent fish, and so thick.

South Bay Board Co Verve

This beginner surfboard by South board is a 7 ft board which weights up to 210 pounds. It is flexible and simple to use. This board comes with a surf pad, travel pack, customized pen, and a thruster fin.


New surfers who want a good board can take a look at these beginning surfboards. It has unique features like fiberglass, rod stringer and is accompanied by a shiny leash and fins.

Heritage surfboard

The heritage board is a 90-liter board for beginner surfers and weighs about 250 pounds. It comes with four stringers, durable EPS foam, an excellent HDFE hull, and a good thruster fin.


This is a perfect choice for new surfers who want a safe board. It comes in different colors and weighs around 60 to 190 pounds. This surfboard is affixed with an adapter, a flexible foam, a circular nose, and a strong deck.

Big Softy

A very flashy and simple-to-ride beginners surfboard. It is recommended for those who are new to swimming and surfing. It comes with a coated marine stringer and a good epoxy which limits water absorption. You will also get ultraviolet resistance without requiring wax.


This surfing board was made to prevent any mistakes. Some of its accessories include splendid foam and well-designed HDPE. This is highly recommended for children and young ones.

Liquid Shredder FSE

This unique surfboard provides an excellent deck and a quick bottom. Also, visible are stiff stringers which young ones will love. Its design is good and comes in various colors and sizes.

Catch Surf odyssey Log kids

This surfing board comes with a unique shape, a dual wood core, and an active HDPE bottom and deck. It is one of the cheapest boards that new surfers can use and has fantastic accessories.

Surftech Learn2surf

Surftech Learn2surf is an excellent beginner surfboard that many young riders prefer. It comes in about 230 pounds. This board comes in durable multi-cores, good rubber bumpers, flexible decks, and padded bottom.

This list consists of the best surfboard beginner can choose from, their features, and accessories that come with the boards.