Surfing is a fun and exercising activity. To learn about this sport, you need the right material amongst which you have the surfboard. However, before you decide on which one to get, you need to first know the price.

Price of Beginner Surfboards

If you are a beginner who wants to learn how to surf, this will guide you. First, you do not need an exotic surfboard. You do not even need surfboards from a popular brand. This because you are bound to make mistakes while learning and your surfboard will eventually wear out. There is a reason Ferraris are not used to teach people how to drive.

The price of a surfboard is subject to many factors. You can get a stock model surfboard surfboards for as low as $100—$300. These are basic foamy surfboards that can help you go about your surfing lessons. Furthermore, they have foam padding to ensure that you do not hurt yourself when you fall during practice.

Price of Mid-Level Surfboards

If you already have significant knowledge in the sport, you can feel the need to take more steps. Perhaps you do not like your “stereotypical stock surfboard.” In that case, there are mid-level surfboards that sets you apart from the crowd. With $400—$600, you can get your own machine customized surfboards. Cool right?

Unlike stock made surfboards, they are often narrower and longer. They also have more pop outs than stock model surfboards. Mid level surfboards offer a foamier feel than stock surfboards. They also allow customers to get a significant level of customization. But you should note that mid-level surfboards are shorter than high-end surfboards.

Price of Specialized Surfboards

This is the classiest of all surfboards. There is no limit as to how much they can cost a lot. The level of customization is only limited to the pocket of the customer. High-end surfboards are often handcrafted to meet the demands of the customer. The latter can also select the material he or she wants to be used for making the surfboard.

Besides the ones mentioned above, there are many other criteria that determine the price of high-end surfboard. One of such factors is the brand making the surfboard. Another factor is the style or design the customer is demanding from the brand. The schedule or deadline with which the customer wants the surfboard to be ready also affects its price.

The price for high-end surfboards is between $700—$1000+. The aim is to get a surfboard that meets your surfing needs.