Surfing remains a great sport and exercise for numerous people around the world. It doesn’t matter whether one is a beginner or expert; getting the appropriate size surfboard for height and weight is always a pertinent question. This guide will do justice to the surfboards to be considered based on riders height and weight.

What size surfboard should a surfer use?

Choosing a surfboard based on weight is determined by some factors like:

Skill level

Skill level is taken into consideration before using a size surfboard. Many boards are made for different surfers based on their skill level. The latter can be divided into beginner, intermediate and expert. Therefore, a beginner who uses an expert surfboard depending on size may tumble into the waves without help.

Surfboard floating

Aside from the skill level, one should choose a size surfboard based on the weight ratio with the board volume. The smaller the percentage, the better for you. Therefore, adequate calculations should be made before buying a surfboard based on size and weight. These calculations will determine how surfers can stay afloat in a surfing board during a ride.

Volume and weight of the surfboard

Another crucial factor in choosing a size board is the weight of the water’s board and volume. To determine the ratio, divide the weight of your body by the volume of the board. This is usually measured in Kg. Beginner surfers should look for around 0.8 kg per liter; this will make it easier to glide along the waves. However, for skilled surfers, they should go for boards 1.1 to 1.4 kg.

Size surfboards based on height

Here are some surfboards riders can use when considering their height and size.

Long board

This is arguable the biggest surfboards available based on dimensions especially for newbies. This is your best bet, as it provides better stability for surfers with medium weight and prevents error for beginners.

The fish-style board

This size surfboard is also a good suggestion for those careful about their height and size. This is a smaller board with short fins and great designs. It is best used for smaller waves and surfers with medium body weight.

The short board

This is the thickest of the size of surfboards based on height. This isn’t recommended for beginners, as you must have a good surfing skill to use it. It is designed for slick maneuver and wave tricks. These boards are a little more expensive than other board types, but are worth every penny.

Getting a good size surfboard is essential for those considering their weight and height. This could go a long way to prevent accidents on the waves.